Founded by Jill Goldworn and Denis Huré, The Licensing Agency (TLA) is a leading provider of digital entertainment content. With over 30 years combined experience in the OEM and premium sales promotion industry, TLA provides Fortune 500 companies with digital design services, brand development as well as theatrical cinema release partnerships.

With headquarters in Dublin and offices in London, Paris, Hamburg, and North of Los Angeles and with partnership representation in Turkey, Spain and Canada, TLA provides national, regional and global promotional services to a wide range of clients including AT&T, BBDO, Sony Ericsson, Canon, and Reckitt Benckiser.TLA is the leading promotions specialist among major Hollywood studios, the recording industry and video game publishers, offering clients promotional products and motivation solutions using cutting edge technology.

In 2009, TLA and its sister company mc-creation.com officially launched TheFirstClub.com. TheFirstClub.com is an online instant rewards & incentive service offering consumers the opportunity to download millions of choices of the latest digital content including music tracks, PC games and software and mobile content. Whether you choose to offer TheFirstClub.com gift vouchers or have a bespoke branded version of the service, TheFirstClub.com is the perfect tool to enhance your loyalty program, sales promotions and corporate rewards program.


TLA expands to Canada partnering with Kanu Inc., into Turkish market with new partnership with Colorbar Media and to Spain partnering with FiveRooms.

TLA launches a full range of download services: www.thefirstclub.net.

TLA anchors its present in Americas partnering with a Caribbean communication agency: Caret Communication.

TLA creates two new divisions – its web design and creative technology division and its TV Production division – in order to expand its services to its clients.

TLA opens its Central European office in Munich, Germany. TLA Germany is later established in Hamburg as a separate business unit.

In July, the Brand Management division is officially incorporated. In October, The Licensing Agency opens its French office in Paris.

Jill Goldworn and Denis Huré create TLA International Licensing Ltd – based in Ireland. The company opens offices in both the US and the UK.