• Premium content for top brands
    The Licensing Agency (TLA) is the leading provider of digital content for marketing, promotions and licensing - sourcing quality media from categories including film, TV series, music, video games, software, mobile apps, eBooks and audio books.
  • Sony Ericsson DVD Promotion
    Sony Ericsson, one of the top, global, mobile phone manufacturers worldwide, tied to the well established, exciting and glamorous license Sex and the City 2, offering a free DVD copy of the blockbuster with its new Spiro™ handset.
  • Edenred™ Rewards Portal
    World leader in its market for more than 50 years, Edenred™ (formerly Accor Services™) is now offering under its Ticket Compliments brand name an all digital reward catalog, offering millions of premium content including music, games and software, mobile apps, eBooks and audio books.
  • Melitta Kaffee™ Film Promotion
    Melitta Kaffee™ proposed an extraordinary movie promotion combining 3 mechanisms - DVD hard-bundles ("Bridget Jones' Diary", "Breakfast at Tiffanys" and "The Breakfast Club"), cinema vouchers and a trip to Hollywood for the movie premiere of "Morning Glory" starring Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton.
  • Tien 21™ 2010 Football promotion
    To celebrate the most popular and expected football event worldwide held in South Africa last summer, Tien21™ offered a free DVD with the best goals and highlights from the qualifying games, and exclusive interviews when purchasing products from their stores.